National Research and Development Institute for Soil Science, Agricultural Chemistry and Environment (ICPA), founded in 1970 and reorganized in 2004 as a national institute, has as its mission, the promotion and development of strategic research applied in the fields of soil science, agricultural chemistry, involving both significant scientific contributions and specific consulting activities. ICPA is the leading national organisation in Romania for soil science and environmental protection of agriculture. During the last few years, ICPA developed GIS databases at the national scale for soils, terrain and land use together with simulation models linked with these databases predicting crop yield under various management practices and considering water and fertiliser movement in soils and crops. In the last decade ICPA contributed to the implementation of various agro-environment regulations and directives: designation of nitrates vulnerable zones and action programmes for Nitrates Directive, designation of areas less favoured for agriculture, developing methodologies for applying sewage sludge directive, evaluation of the national potential for biofuels and biocarburants. ICPA was partner in several European research projects related to soil monitoring under the framework of Soil Thematic Strategy and risk assessment for soil threats. ICPA has competences in the field of this project and will be involved in the Case Study from Braila County and all other activities to achieve the project objectives.

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