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WaterProtect logo Horizon 2020 project: developing new solutions and tools in 7 Action Labs where water pollution (nutrients and/or pesticides) from intensive agriculture may affect the quality of the water for drinking water production.
Anglian water FAIRWAY Anglian Region Case Study: Slug it Out is part of a new way of working for Anglian Water. The campaign is aimed at reducing the levels of the slug control pesticide Metaldehyde in our region’s waters before they reach our treatment works.
LowerSaxony FAIRWAY Lower Saxony Case Study: Farm Manure Management Project (Verbundprojekt Wirtschaftsdüngermanagement) aims to reduce groundwater pollution in the northwestern districts by supra-regional transport of farm manure.
Sourcetotap FAIRWAY Derg Catchment Case Study: A cross-border partnership project, focussing on the River Erne and the River Derg catchments which cross the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. It aims to develop sustainable, catchment-scale solutions for the protection of rivers and lakes, which are the main sources of shared drinking water.
Overijssel FAIRWAY Overijssel Case Study: Farmers for Drinking Water (Boeren voor Drinkwater) focuses on measures for reducing leaching of fertilizers and pesticides to groundwater that also provide an improved economic operating result. Farmers participate voluntarily and are individually supported by agricultural and economic advisers. Measures must "pay for themselves". The measures are recorded in a business action plan per participant.
Vansjo FAIRWAY Vansjø Case Study: Inter-municipal water cooperation for the Morsa Catchment.
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