EUROPE-INBO 2020 CAP Workshop, 9 November 2020, New CAP: an opportunity for water policies?

The conference was mainly oriented towards policies aspects and two research programs were presented. From FAIRWAY WP3, we showed that in some hydrological contexts, a long time lag between nitrogen input and nitrate concentration in deep groundwater (>10 y) can exist. Policies, such as Water Framework Direct, CAP and Nitrates Directive, have to deal with this long response time and therefore indicators and database to anticipate on the water quality response time are needed to evaluate effectiveness of policies.

We focused on the lag time mainly to insist on the need on consistent politics to provide long term effort. This is particularly important for the current discussion about the new CAP. Continuity in existing programs with measures and monitoring is important and stakeholders should be aware that effects of new action programs results may not be seen during the period of one CAP.

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