FAIRWAY wants to make the difference by creating impact on the ground in the different case studies and multi-actor platforms and in policy making at EU scale. FAIRWAY has set ambitious goals to evaluate the impact.

    Aim Realised
Products Reports (Deliverables) 16    
  Scientific publications   10  
  Phone-app 1  
  Infographics 15  
  Presentations on scientific conference 10  
  Films and videos 20  
  Harmonized data set 1  
Digital platforms Items on FAIRWAY website 75  
  FAIRWAY Information System website (giving access to main scientific results) 1  
  Newsletters 25  
  Facebook Page posts 50  
  Facebook Page followers 50  
  Twitter tweets 100  
  Twitter followers 100  
  YouTube channels 1  
  YouTube channel subscribers 15  
Cooperation between actors Number of meetings of multi-actor platforms 30  
  Number of farmers reached 100  
  Number of citizens reached 50  
  Number of meetings at EU level 5  
  Number of EU policy makers reached 30  
Impact Number of measures evaluated in multi-actor platforms 10  
  Number of DSS evaluated in multi-actor platforms 5  
  Number of agri-environmental indicators evaluated in multi-actor platforms 10  
  Legitimate governance arrangements developed and evaluated 3  
  EIP Water Focus Group established 1  

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